Frank C Raccioppi III

About the author, Frank C. Raccioppi III

First and foremost; i am a man of GOD,  i am a husband and dad,

 i am an independent businessman / broker.

i am a slave (i was bought with a price), i am a consigliere (business, investments & life in general)

i am an American, i believe in our Constitution


I used to study SunTzu The Art of War… Then I learned the true Art of War; GOD style from Abraham, Moses, Joshua, Samson, Gideon, David.... everything taught by SunTzu was taught thousands of years earlier in the Tanakah (Old Testament). Like every good Italian, I grew up on, and used to live by Machivelli's The Prince... Then I learned from Solomon in Proverbs how to be a real man, everything I learned from Machivelli was contradicted by Solomon. True wisdom comes from GOD, not this fallen world. True Wisdom is to be search for as if you are mining for fine gold or water in a parched land, when you find it, dig in, digest it, cherish it, respect it, etch it in your heart, live it, preach it. Its time Christen men make a bold stand a world that portrays us a little wimpy church pew sitting with his hair combed to the side in his nice school clothes.

My name is frank raccioppi III, i am a bondservant of JESUS CHRIST, YESHUA MESSIAH. I am not a theologian, I am just a regular person who answered GODs call, I’m no different than you. My calling is to build and edify an army of Christian men for GOD, to enlighten self proclaimed “tough guys” that JESUS is cool, that HE is tough and that real men kneel to our LORD and Savior YESHUA, to teach militia patriots that if your not fighting for GOD, than your struggle is in vain and to preppers that without

I am a sinner saved by Grace because I put my Faith, hope and Love in JESUS MESSIAH, I’m probably a bigger sinner than anyone reading this.Every single day I break The LORDs heart, im not bragging, in fact it breaks my heart that I just cant get it right, but everyday GOD picks me up, dusts me off and strengthens me stronger for another day of service to HIM. My best shot at righteousness is filthy rags.... I am precisely the one YESHUA JESUS came yo save, a filthy sinner with no hope who knows i cant do it on my own and only by HIS Blood I will overcome. only by HIS Blood can any of us overcome sins hold on us..... churches, the mere buildings people think are the church, no matter how lavish are filled with sinners, every person in a church building from the priest rabbi pastor to the guy cleaning toilets is a sinner, no matter how holy they act, how well they dress, no matter if they have the best seat and go through all the motions..... they are no better than you or I..... THE CHURCH NEEDS MORE SINNERS SO WALK INTO A CHURCH TODAY AND BOLDLY PROCLAIM TO EVERYONE THAT YOUR A FILTHY SINNER AND YOU NEED JESUS TO IMPUTE HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS UPON YOU.